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Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar

Most collars rest on the strongest part of a dog's neck, giving them the leverage they need to take full control of the walk, and of you, too. The Pack Leader Collar is different. It keeps the slip collar at the top of your dog's neck so you can more effectively control and correct your dog during walks. Simply attach to a short leash (we recommend 36 to 48", or 91 to 122 cm), pay close attention to your energy, and give quick, firm corrections when necessary. For more tips on dog walking, please visit our section dedicated to the dog walk.



  • Made with durable nylon webbing
  • Soft neoprene inner padding adds comfort for your dog
  • Air mesh front pad is breathable but helps maintain collar structure
  • Nylon braided lead allows for easy release
  • Reflective stitching and lettering
  • Strength tested cam lock system
  • Easy size adjustment
  • Second D-ring allows for an additional leash for control, as well as a place to secure ID tags

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